Straight Swords (Jian)
Swords (Jian): Straight sword is known as the gentleman of weapons due to its refinement and sophistication. Preferred by the scholar class, it is one of the most common ancient weapons still in more
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Matching Products: 17
Code: 45S-57
$399.00   $450.00

Crane Sword
Code: 45S-55
$299.00   $350.00

Qingtong Sword
Code: 45S-56
$399.00   $450.00

Dragon Longevity and Fortune Sword
Code: 45S-52
$142.45   $149.49

Traditional Straight Sword
Code: 45-56SS
$59.49   $69.99

Wushu Practice Sword w/Scabbard
Code: 45-56CWU
$34.19   $35.99

Wushu Competition Straightsword (Wushu Jian)
Code: 45-56SM
$78.99   $84.99

Wushu Competition Tai Chi Sword (Taiji Jian)
Code: 45-56TC
$78.99   $84.99

Twin Wushu Straight Swords
Code: 45-57CWU
$41.79   $43.99

Dragon Fast Sword Heavy Metal Steel - 39"
Code: 45-58CS
$264.99   $279.00

Shaolin Pearwood Spring and Autumn Sword
Code: 45S-50
$157.75   $262.95

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