Kung Fu Tai Chi 2009 July/Aug
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Cover Story
Master Jimmy Wong and the Legends of Kung Fu
By Gene Ching and Gigi Oh

The Heart of Double Whips - The Front Figure Eight
By Wang Fang

The Ability to React - Essential Training in Traditional Martial Arts
By Tom Dudkiewicz

The Military’s Role in the Creation of the Fifth Brother - 8 Diagram Pole
By Frank Yee and Pedro Cepero Yee

Six Unities, Eight Principles - Helen Liang on Water Boxing
By Helen Liang

Songshan Shaolin Temple Day 2009 - The Northern Temples
By Gene Ching
- Interview with Venerable Abbot Shi Yongxin
By Gene Ching and Gigi Oh
- The Southern Temple
By Greg Lynch

Sanshou in the Ring or the Cage    
By Rudi Ott

The Venerable Tigress - Grandmaster Xu Suzhen
By Chen Xinghua and Gigi Oh

Preserving the Tiger's Legacy
By Jose Paman

What is Internal Force?
By Thomas Robert Argiro

Featured Weapon
Arhat Hooks

8 Diagram - Iron Palm
By John Brown


Claw Marks 
By Zhao Xiaohu

The 13th Annual Collegiate Wushu Tournament
By Y. Chan

The 17th Annual U.C. Berkeley Chinese Martial Arts - Tournament in the Wake of the Olympics
By Gene Ching

Tina Turner’s Ninjas 
By Sue Woo

Mind over Matter II - Less Funding, No Belt, Still a Hype, Same Great Chess
By Ta Wayin

The International Chinese Martial Arts Championship
By Sue Woo

Catching Up with Cung Le - Sanshou’s Golden Boy to the Silver Screen
By Gene Ching

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