Kung Fu Tai Chi 1999 JUL Issue
Code: KF-903

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Cover Story: Chen Zhen Lei Handing Down the Family Treasure of Chen Taijiquan

Yang Style Taiji Straightsword Theory, Philosophy and Application

Chen Taijiquan's Old and New Frames: Classical Forms Refined

Raising Sun of Tai Chi - The Hot New Internal Style
The Warrior Scholar Taiji-Wu Yu-Xiang Taijiquan - Legacy of Wu(Hao) Style Reaches from Yongnian to America
The Full Range of Yin and Yang - Wu-Style Taiji Quan and Master Li Li-Qun

Flying Rainbow - The Fan of Martial Arts
The Mechanics of Three Nails '99 - Rooting and Tai Chi Chuan

Hong Yijiao's Taiji Journey - Bridging the Wushu World Between Zhejiang and Seattle Shandong's Wushu Emissary Sun Jian Kui

Hard Qi Gong - Shi Yan Ming Wows Crowd on Hawaii

Putting The Qi in Taiji - The Magic of Taiji 13 Forms

Shaolin Yi Jin Jing- Ancient Qigong of the Shaolin Monks (Part 1)

1999 International Wushu Kungfu Festival

The 5th Haigong Cup China Wenxian International - A Competitor's Perspective A Celebration of Taijiquan in Tiananmen Square

Grandmaster Wang Ju Rong - 70th Birthday Celebration

A Trip To Taiji-Motherland Yongnian
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