Kung Fu Tai Chi 2008 Jan / Feb
Code: KF-200144

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Cover Story
32 Respect and Discipline
Grandmaster John Leong Honors Tradition
By Gene Ching

10 Wang Xiaolin on the Future of Wushu
By Gigi Oh with Gene Ching

14 Beijing’s Mixed Martial Arts Scene
By Gregory Brundage

16 Shuai Jiao
Brazilian Jiujitsu’s Chinese Connection
By Chet Quint

24 Eight Generals Celestial Cops
By Brian L. Kennedy and Elizabeth Guo

48 Wong Fei Hung’s Training Hall
The School of Hung Gar’s Patriarch Lives On
By Tim Louie

53 Featured Weapon
The Green Dragon Sword of Grandmaster Wang Ziping

The King of Spears
By Melissa Leon-Guerrero Do

70 Maximizing Your Efficiency and Effectiveness
By Salvatore Canzonieri

Man of Steel
Wudang Hard Style Qigong
By David Wei

84 Xingyi Iron Chopsticks
By Dr. Johnny Jang

Tournaments - Events - News
44 2nd International Traditional Kung Fu Wushu Tournament and 4th Eagle Cup Competition
By Gene Ching

60 Houston International Martial Arts & USAWKF National Championships
By Gigi Oh and Sue Woo

106 The Legend of Bruce Lee
By Gene Ching

108 USA Wushu Kungfu Federation holds 2007 US Sanshou Team Trials

109 Hip-Hop Chess Federation
By Gene Ching

Wind & Water
Culture - Feng Shui - Lifestyle

110 Kung Fu Horoscope
By Wilson Sun (with Gigi Oh and Gene Ching)

114 Kung Fu Wisdom
Shu Jian
By Grandmaster Yu Chenghui

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