Kung Fu Tai Chi 2006 July/Aug Issue
Code: KF-200135

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Shamrock vs. Gracie - Cung Le’s MMA Debut
By Gene Ching 16 The Future of Choy Lee Fut

From Futsan to San Francisco
By Greg Hebert

Tao of Nunchakus
Photos by Li Yancai

Redirecting Patterns of Force
By Todd Shawn Tei

Threading a Needle in the Flash of Lightning
Pu En Fu, his teachings, his legacy, and an introduction to mainland Shuai Chiao
By Jake Burroughs

Featured Weapon
Sleeve Arrow
By Gene Ching

Journey to Dragon Well Forge
By Simon McNeil

Is Tai Chi a Martial Art Nowadays?
By Victoria Windholtz

Martial Arts as Performance Art
From Opera to the Olympics
By Stephan Berwick

The Smart Bomb
By Nargis Fontaine

The Lotus Kick
By Xu Dingyuan

Tournaments - Events - News
Fist and Sword Series: Kung Fu Cinema Comes Back to New York City
By Robert Dreeben

The 6th Chang Tung Sheng Memorial Shuai Chiao Tournament
By Cassandra Malec

Ving Tsun Hall of Fame 2005
By Darrell Jordan

Ving Tsun Grandmaster Lok Yiu Passes Away
By Darrell Jordan

Venerable Great Grandmaster Shi Suxi 1924-2006
By Shawn Liu

Wind & Water
Culture - Feng Shui - Lifestyle
Kung Fu Horoscope
By Wilson Sun (with Gigi Oh and Gene Ching)

Kung Fu Wisdom
Tiger Head, Snake Tail
By Grandmaster Tu Jin-Sheng

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