Kung Fu Tai Chi 2004 May/June Issue
Code: KF-200122

Cover Story:
Chen Taijiquan: The Ultimate Grappling Art?
By Stephan Berwick


Sanshou Linking Combinations
By Ayron Howey

The Secret History of Wushu From Behind the Red Curtain Part 2: Champions Chen Daoyun and Zhang Lingmei reveal their Warrior’s Journeys under Communist Rule
By Gene Ching and Gigi Oh

Master Zhang Lingmei and a Modern Wushu Dance Fusion
By Gene Ching

Of Tai Chi, and Tai Chi Chuan
By Ichin Shen

Reclaiming Nunchuku: Master Chen San Yen Puts a New Spin on an Old Weapon
By Gigi Oh (with Gene Ching)

Pak Mei Kung Fu’s 3 Fundamental Fighting Shapes
By Willy Pang

The Eight Characteristic Powers of Xingyi: Xingyi Ba Zi Gong
By Dr. Johnny Jang

Taiji Quan as Self-Defense
By Jonathan Shear

Tai Chi Brings Peace
By Elaine Waters

Taiji Push Hands and Combative Principles
By Ted W. Knecht

Meet Master Lau Ka Sun: A High Level Master of Grandmaster Leung Ting’s Wing Tsun
By John FIcarra

World Shuaijiao Federation formed in Paris at Mayor’s Cup Invitational
By Nick Masi

The Joy of Wushu: A Photographic Art Exhibit
By Lily Liu

Memorial Service Observes the Hundredth Birthday of the late Grandmaster Li Yuanzhi
By Master Chao Fu-Lin

Shaolin Monks and Warrior Nuns: Lotus & Sword Makes Its American Debut
By Gene Ching

Kung Fu Horoscope
By Wilson Sun (with Gigi Oh and Gene Ching )

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