Kung Fu Tai Chi 2002 Sep/Oct Issue
Code: KF-200112
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Cover Story

The Quest for Longevity-A Taoist Perspective By Francesco Garri Garripoli


Taoist Cinema-Wudang's Mythical Rivalry By Dr. Craig D. Reid

Zhen Wu-The Dark and Perfected Warrior By Gene Ching

The Secret Wudang Salute Revealed By Gene Ching

Mystical Wudang Mountain-From Shaolin Nemesis to Crouching Tiger By Gene Ching

Zhang Sanfeng-The Father of Tai Chi Chuan and Wudang Kungfu By Gene Ching with Gigi Oh

Life on Wudang Mountain-The Making of a Modern Taoist Priest By John Pinna

Wudang Taijidao By Harold H. Lee

The Aging Martial Artist By Rick Royster

The Qi Gong Methodology of Lu Shui - Tian and the Role of Kou Bu Bai Bu Qi GongBy Francis Hriadil

Healing World of Chi Gong - (Part 1)-Neurometers and Electrmagnetic Fields Explain Part of the Theory By Dr. Craig D. Reid

Tai Chi Spirit-Tai Chi and Tao Te Ching By Peter Gryffin

Cardio Tai-chi By Diane Hong Do

Journey to Beijing-Learning the New International Compulsory Routines By Bruce Fontaine

Where There's Smoke....-The Fighting Smoking Pipe of Kungfu By Gene Ching

Get a Grip-Joint Lock Counters of Chen Taijiquan By Chen Xinghua

Snake Vs. Crane-Channeling Animals to Battle By Nic Heggen

San Diego Nationals-Hawaiian Spirit and Expanding Horizons By TC Media

Lions and Tigers and Bear-The 10th Annual U.C. Berkeley Chinese Martial Arts Tournament By Gene Ching

The Soup of Immortality-Tasty Chinese Herbal Soups Nourish Your Body By Kevin LaHue

Kungfu Horoscope By Wilson Sun (with Gigi Oh and Gene Ching)

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