Kung Fu Tai Chi 2001 NOVEMBER/DECEMBER Issue
Code: KF-200106

Features: Cover Story-The Big Jet Li Interview. Jet Talks Candidly About His New Movie: THE ONE, Kung Fu for Good and Evil, and the Philosophy Behind it All. Meet Corey Yuen (aka Yuen Kwai)-The Inside Scoop Behind the Scenes of THE ONE. The Line and the Circle: Comparing the Fighting Arts with Hsing I vs. Bagua. The Art and Soul of Hsing I/Ba Gua-The Fascinating Chronicle of Real Life Heroes, Real Kung Fu. The Xingyi Long Spear-The Da Qiang, Longest of the Long Weapons, Trains Explosive Power. Dragon Whips His Tail: Bagua and Qi Cultivation. Bagua Circle Walking as a Qigong Art. Single Palm Change and Golden Dragon:Bagua Zhang, The I Ching, and Chinese Mythology. Deadly Hands An Interpol Officer's Fight for Justice. The Three Families of Wing Chun Motions in Chi Sao Bridging the Art with Tan, Bong and Fok. Self-Defense and Young Children. Internal Edge-The Unseen Tai Chi Broadsword. Just Make A Circle The Ultimate Self-Defense For Wormen. Xiao Luohan (Part III). Tournaments & Events: Born To Fight-Cung Le's First Sanshou Shootout. Texas Taiji-Jimmy Wong's Taiji Legacy 2001. Kungfu Horoscope.

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