GFY Gear was founded on 2 simple principals. Quality products at reasonable prices. After training for many years, we were tired of paying top dollar for product, only to find that it wasn’t made more
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Arm Work Pack
Code: Arm-Pack
$132.00   $165.00

Women's Arm Work Pack
Code: W-Arm-Pack
$132.00   $165.00

GFY Gear Muay Thai Shin Guards
Code: GFY-070
$56.25   $75.00

GFY Gear MMA Leather Training Gloves
Code: GFY-585
$45.00   $60.00

GFY Gear Leather Boxing / Muay Thai Gloves
Code: GFY-808
$56.25   $75.00

GFY Gear Pink Leather Boxing/Muay Thai Glove
Code: GFY-812P
$56.25   $75.00

GFY Elite GEL Boxing/Muay Thai Glove
Code: GFY-816W
$82.50   $110.00

GFY Gear Leather Curved Focus Mitt
Code: GFY-823
$33.75   $45.00

GFY Gear- Leather Thai Pad
Code: GFY-831
$45.00   $60.00

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