DVD & Weapon - Sai Master Kit
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DVDK-YVS190 – Sai Master Kit - SAVE 15% on the DVD and Weapon purchase.

The Sai is a unique weapon of self-defense from Okinawa, Japan. It is part of the traditional Okinawan Kobudo or ancient weapons system. This video shows the complete use of the weapon including kata and combat applications. From this video you will learn the basic manipulations of the Sai and how to actually use the weapon in combat! It includes the Sai/Bo kumite kata that pits one weapon against another in actual sparring. This video also includes the traditional Okinawan Kata Chatan Yara No Sai. Named after a famous master of the weapon, this rare and beautiful Sai kata has been handed down from Okinawa’s ancient past. Once a secret, this kata uses graceful and powerful movements in the execution of its tactics. The kata emphasizes many strikes and thrusts and an evasion tactic in its movements and many combat applications. Master George Alexander, one of the foremost authorities on this kata, expertly demonstrates the form on this video. This video is a must for the serious practitioner of the Okinawa weapon arts! 60 min.

Your Key to Martial Arts Mastery! These special Weapon Master Kits come complete to you with an in-depth instructional DVD and your first weapon, 18" Sai, all at a low discount price. Now you can train in the privacy of your own home and learn these powerful ancient weapons. Everything you need to get started!

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