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A Master’s level exercise set from the Chinese Strength & Health Program. Stone Warrior is the longest and most difficult of the sets or forms contained within the program. Consisting of seven sets of three exercises for a total of twenty-one exercises, Stone Warrior is designed to build strength, muscle mass and power. As with all the other sets in the program, Stone Warrior does not require any equipment and can be performed in a small space of four to six feet. Tensing the muscles with maximum power to develop the body much like that of weight lifters but without the equipment. For the martial arts student, the exercises all have combat applications to develop the blocking and striking power of the body.

Daily practice of the Stone Warrior begins with learning one set of three exercises each week

for seven weeks, performing each exercise 12 repetitions. Add one repetition each week beginning with 12 and increase to 36 repetitions per exercise. Stone Warrior takes 8 months to complete and is then trained daily at 36 repetitions for a lifetime. Full tension is applied with each exercise throughout the body. Daily practice begins with 15 minutes and 90 minutes at completion.

Stone Warrior is the highest level exercise set in the Chinese Strength & Health Program. Other Videos in this set include:

*Iron Vest Qigong

*Hay Gung Meditations

*Chi Enhancement Meditations

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