Judo Techniques Of The Masters
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50% OFF - Part of the Bushido Series by Hal Sharp. These are Judo¡¦s top dogs the ones that Kano himself trained they are high ranking 8th nad9th and 10th dan s doing Judo like only you can imagine in your dreams it is beautiful and elegant. You will learn their favourite techniques including throws, chokes, sweeps, and so much more you won't believe it all. Shot in the early 1950s at the Kodokan and in village dojos in Japan by Hal Sharp and his friends. Chapter#1 Nagaoka, Chapter#2 Kawakami, Chapter#3 Takagaki, Chapter#4 Ito, Chapter#5 Kudo, Chapter#6 Asami, Chapter#7 ¡V Shinojima This is the way judo is meant to be done. Sharp also uses his magic little yellow filters to isolate the exact nuances of many f the techniques that make them work. 65 minutes. You Will Learn: The tiny details that make even the most difficult throws work to perfection. Learn right from the real Masters and so much more.

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