Ninja Complete Series Package (4 DVDs)
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Ninja Complete Series Package – 4 DVDs

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Volume 1: Ninja Style Kenjutsu Part I: History of Ninja. Warrior's fighting skills, explanations of different Japanese weapons, step-by-step instructions on sword grips, stances, basic positions (kamae) and footwork. DVD-HH001

Volume 2: Ninja Style Kenjutsu Part II: Special Ninja training exercises and body conditioning. Advanced offensive and defensive striking and blocking skills. Special skills performed when confronting enemies. DVD-HH002

Volume 3: Ninja Shuriken - Ninja warriors of feudal Japan are well-known for their unique Shuriken throwing stars. Master Harunaka Hosino passes on these traditional techniques to modern martial artists. History and definitions- battlefield techniques- shuriken shapes (bo-shuriken and shaken). Techniques defined and demonstrated- initial throwing positions- standard- reverse- fake and spinning throws- throwing multiple shuriken- and partner ninja throws. Training explained and demonstrated- stars and coins- moving targets- throws for a variety of shuriken- live targets- and combinations with blow-gun dart. DVD-HH003

Volume 4: Tanto-Jutsu - Brief history of Tanto (Japanese dagger) making, warrior uses, and different types. Instruction on Junan-taiso (flexibility exercises), Ashi-hakobi (footwork), Kamae (fighting positions), Mato-ate (target practice), Ko-bo (offensive vs. defensive skills), Randori (free sparring) & Katana Teire and Kantei (blade preservation and appraisal.) DVD-HH004

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