Tang Soo Do Moo Duk Kwan Video Series (2-disc set)
Code: DVD-CK001
$71.20   $74.95

Grandmaster Chong Su Kim has traveled the world to help needy people and promote the benefits of Tang Soo Do for everyone. Internationally known and respected as a champion, talented teacher and deep philosopher, Grandmaster Su Kim is an incarnation of martial arts excellence. Disc One includes: One-Step Hand Techniques, One-Step Kick Techniques, Self-Defense Techniques. Disc Two includes 3 Basic Forms, 5 Pyung Ahn Forms, 2 Bassai Forms, 3 Bong Forms, Dagger Form, 3 Naihanchi Forms, Sip Soo, Jin Do, Rohai, Komg Sang Koon, Si San, Wang Su, Ji On.

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