Dojo Magazine - 1994 WINTER Issue
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Dojo Magazine - 1994 WINTER Issue
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Cover Story
Fumio Demura Explains the Concept of karate’s Hidden Techniques
by Preston Shah

Feature Stories

Judo in America
by Willy Cahill

Stealing the Center
by David Sutton

Martial Arts Myths that should be laid to Rest
by Michael A. Eason

Kama: Deadly Sickles of Okinawan Kobujutsu
by John Sells

The True Martial Image in a Modern Society
by Shiro Shintaku

The 47 Samurai
by Thomas J. Nardi

Arm-Bar Kumite
by Kevan Matthews

Remembering a True Karate Master
by John Porta

Memories of Kenwa Mabuni
by Rudy Crosswell

The Aiki Arts
by Y. Yamazaki

Tall Trees
by Patrick McCarthy

Shorin Ryu Karate Arrives in Italy
by George Alexander

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