Health Qigong Music CDs - Complete Set of 4 CDs
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Complete Set of Health Qigong Music CDs

15% Off! All four classic forms of qigong in one package at a discounted price!

  1. Five Animal Frolics (wuqinxi) (AUD-HQ001), more info click here
  2. Muscle-Tendon Change Classic (yijinjing) (AUD-HQ002), more info click here
  3. Six Healing Sounds (liuzijue) (AUD-HQ003), more info click here
  4. Eight-Section Brocade (baduanjin) (AUD-HQ004), more info click here

This music has been composed specifically for this qigong form. Track 1 guides you through the form in Mandarin. Track 2 is just the music so you can practice along.

The Chinese Health Qigong Association (CHQA) is China's official qigong association since 2001. CHQA promotes four classic qigong forms: Bone Marrow Washing (yijinjing), Eight-Section Brocade (baduanjin), Five Animal Frolics (wuqinxi) and Six Healing Sounds (liuzijue). These methods have been standardized from extensive research.

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